World of Söfft


Inspirations - To Italy With Love

There is something about Italy.  The food is exquisite, the people are welcoming and the architecture is mind-blowing.  I guess these are just a few of the reasons we have taken the Söfft Photo Shoot location to this beautiful place more than once.  Perhaps the biggest reason is its history and how it is beautifully integrated into today’s life and demands.  We are drawn to the layer upon layer of muted colors on every structure, the rich textures on every crumbling wall and those pesky but oh-so-charming cobble stone roads.  As terribly inconvenient as it is to maneuver these old towns in the cars of today, we wouldn’t want to change it.

This time, we were inspired by the beautiful island of Sardinia.  Of course, Sardinia has inspired millions of Europeans for decades as the place to go on holiday.  With its dramatic rocky beaches and long days of hot sun, it’s easy to see why.  There are also colorful towns like Bosa and Alghero where one can find gelato on every corner and a restaurant to write home about.

We hope you enjoy this season’s campaign as much as we enjoyed shooting it.  Thank you yet again, Italy, for a wonderful time.  You always know how to make us feel at home with your beauty, hospitality… and olive oil.