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Inspirations - Let’s Hear it for New York!

The other day, I found myself in Manhattan yet again for some editorial duties, and while I was walking down the sidewalk in the beautiful Bryant Park area, I started thinking about all the places us girls at Söfft love to hit up when we’re in the city.  Many of us consider ourselves to be honorary residents of the Big Apple – after so many fashion-related trips to this stylish metropolis every year, you start to get the hang of the place, from the grid of midtown to the maze of the Village, the subway system to the taxi shift-change schedule (brutal!!!), and from the delicious to the unfortunate stops to grab a bite.  Boston can be a sleepy town, so it’s always exciting to hop on the plane and spend some time on the exciting streets of New York.  Here’s a (very short!) list of some of the places we’ve visited during our stays, and a few places that we absolutely CANNOT miss (sugar lovers out there, please skip directly to #4…)

#1 The Bryant Park Hotel 40 West 40th Street

Gorgeous art deco outside with a surprising sleek interior, this hotel was such a treat, from the large modern rooms to the marble baths to, of course, the milk chocolates on your pillow at bedtime!  The sexy red interior in the lobby and the elevators makes you feel like you’re in a James Bond movie.  Bonus, the restaurant Koi is attached for delicious sushi!

#2 Cookshop 156 10th Avenue

Quite a popular place to eat right now in Chelsea, and for good reason – the food is ridiculous!  We’ve been here a few times now and everyone always leaves happy & decidedly stuffed.  Don’t forget to try the cocktails, but watch out – they’re so delicious you may be tempted to have more than one…or two…

#3 The Guggenheim 1071 Fifth Avenue

Sometimes work leaves for a little room to play, so one afternoon we enjoyed a few hours off and traveled to the Upper East Side to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the Guggenheim.  Even if you’re not interested in what’s inside this beautiful museum, you have to go just to walk around the building!  This is the ultimate example of architecture as art.

#4 Burgers and Cupcakes 458 9th Avenue

And now for the good stuff:  I admit, I have not tried their burgers so this review is biased towards the cupcakes, but I will say this – with cupcakes THIS GOOD, I would forgo dinner of any kind, burger or not, and simply delight in these treats and these alone.  Who needs vegetables or protein when things like buttercream and carrot cake are invloved?!

#5 Klee Brasserie 200 9th Avenue # 1

While looking for a place to eat near a work party that night, we stumbled accross Klee, an Austrian eatery in Chelsea.  This place is a gem, with fantastic food and a walnut & honey dessert that had us dreaming about it for days afterwards.  Try the fried chicken here: Chef Bobby Flay had a Throwdown with the owner for this dish, and the verdict still stands – Klee’s original reigns supreme!

#6 Stout 133 West 33rd Street

After a long day of shoes, shoes, shoes (who ever thought that could get old?!) there’s no better place we like to unwind than Stout, with it’s huge menu of perfect burgers and fun casual atmopshere to sit back, enjoy a beer and catch a game.  Sometimes, after all those high heels, you just need to watch some sports! Although we are EXTRA careful during baseball season…seeing as we’re from Boston, we’re in enemey territory in these parts 🙂

So if you find yourself in NYC anytime, check out some of our favorite spots – you might even see us out and about, just look for the group of girls decked out in the hottest Söfft styles!