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Behind the Scenes - Fall 2011 Campaign: Behind the Scenes

For our Fall 2011 campaign, Söfft sought out American beauty in Yonkers, New York at the luxurious Alder Manor. The 72 room country estate was built in 1912 by William Boyce Thompson upon 22 acres of land. After Thompson died, the property had various owners until it became abandoned. It was recently acquired by an Irish cultural group, Tara Circle to restore it to its former glory.

The lavish estate proved to be the perfect setting for our Fall 2011 collection with its marbled grand staircase, rich library with over sized chandeliers and acres of traditional gardens.  Each room help tell the story of the home’s history, from the library with its many sets of dusty novels, to the sitting room with the faded, hand-painted mural.  The snow covered grounds felt like a winter wonderland with ivy covered courtyards and romantic gazebos.

These details gave us a glimpse of how grand the manor must have looked in its prime, but it was the old and unkempt look that gave us a such a hauntingly beautiful setting for our newest collection.  Here are a few fun photos of the production, from funny moments to portraits to action shots!

(No one ever said a photo shoot is 100% glamour – insert Cinderella joke here!)

We hope you enjoyed a peek behind the scenes at the making of our Fall 2011 campaign!