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Inspirations - Swim Café: Chicago Hot Spot

We’re kicking off a new feature here on the blog where we catch up with our Söfft team across the country to find out what’s new, what’s in style and what’s delicious about the places they live!
This week, we’re checking in with our Chicago It-Girl Raine, who calls the Windy City home and gives us a glimpse of what’s hot on the city’s dining scene.  If you live in the Chicago area, check out the place, and let us know if you spot our Söfft girl!

You can’t beat Chicago in the summer; street fairs, beach parties (yes, it’s still a beach even though it’s on a lake), outdoor markets. We Midwesterners do not take our warm weather and sunshine lightly. Since I am so often on the road traveling, one of my favorite things to do in the summer is to discover cafés with the triple threat: good food, outdoor seating and wifi.

I went to Swim Café in West Town, a funky newer neighborhood that has a cute vintage-boho vibe. I definitely see this as a place where Kate Hudson or Rachel Gibson would be hanging out… meaning my typical outfit of fitted mini-skirt, bright colored top and high heels made was not the way to blend in. That’s ok; I took this as a moment to work the runway…err…sidewalk into the café (one should always take advantage of a potential walk off).

I am not your typical girl in that I’m not really into sweets or chocolate. However, I am sucker for one thing and one thing only: cupcakes!

I think that anything miniature has a certain charm and seeing as how I had gotten in a run that morning, the cupcake was a go.

Since I couldn’t just eat cupcakes, although that isn’t a completely terrible idea, I also got a turkey wrap (the wasabi mayo was genius!).

My girlfriend and I gabbed away over some great food and I even managed to turn it into a working lunch thanks to the wifi.  And by working I mean we gabbed about fashion and took turns playing hypothetical stylist with each other’s newest purchases (for me a vintage blouse and gold bracelet that I plan on wearing next time I come back with my Söfft Verasilles).  Don’t you just love being a girl?!

Swim Café
1357 West Chicago Avenue

Chicago, IL 60642-5761
(312) 492-8600