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Behind the Scenes - Design Team: The Sketch


When you see a shoe displayed on a shelf at your favorite store, you might not think about all of the steps it took to get there (no pun intended).  Today, we look at the design process behind one of the trendiest boots in the Sofft Fall 2011 line – the Balsov. It all starts with a sketch…

We loved the Military trend for Fall 2011, and looked to our trend boards for inspiration. We wanted to incorporate the trend’s elements – multiple straps and buckles, and earthy tones – in a stylish feminine boot.

Laying out materials and buckles for a military style boot.

Each shoe in the Sofft line begins with a sketch. The designer might sketch several versions of an idea before the final sketch takes shape. When designing the Balsov, we wanted the wrap-around strap to be a key feature of the boot. We experimented with changing the number of straps and buckles, adjusting the position of the straps, and modifying the height of the bootie in order to get a design we were satisfied with.

The designer might sketch 3 or 4 versions of an idea before the final sketch takes shape.

The preliminary sketch for Balsov

We are very excited by how the Balsov bootie turned out. It captures the essence of the Military trend with a feminine subtlety. We love the design element of the leather strap wrapping around the gently slouching supple Italian suede. Baslov is available in Black full grain leather, Coffee brown suede, and the Design Team’s favorite – the Moss green suede!

The Balsov is available now at!