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Inspirations - The Ultimate Shoe Party

Today’s post is from the shoe experts at Running With Heels iPad magazine

It’s your turn to throw the party and if there’s one thing you know about your friend, it’s that she’s a shoe lover. Thankfully, there are numerous options to help you throw the perfect, well-heeled party. You sort out the invite list and let these ingenious inventions do the rest.

It’s raining heels! Dear tabletops, we know our shoes are not supposed to grace your surface, but we are making an exception for this awesome high heel shoe confetti! It’s time to give our parties and girly get-togethers a little glitz and glamour with this bag of sparkling shoes, stars and swirls. Throw it all over your table or counter, and don’t forget to toss a little into your invites too. The shoes, which are one inch in height, come in multiple colors for an allover perfect party addition.

Great for any event, the plastic ice cubes come in the silhouette of a bright red pump and conveniently fit into most cups with their 2½-inch size. Available in packs of six, don’t wait too long to kick up your cool factor.

BOOT SCOOTING BOTTLE OPENER The perfect addition to any gift bag (as well as being a practical addition to any bar) this boot scooting bottle opener is a must. Made of resin and stainless steel, this 5-½ inch accessory is a great way to get the party started.

SHOE CANDLE: Shoe For The Stars Looking to our horoscopes for assurance and advice is always an interesting thing to do, but with this candle, from Christopher Vine, we can turn to the stars for the perfect scent too. Fit for each Zodiac sign, the Miss Aries (or whatever sign you are) candle will provide you with a smell that ideally fits your characteristics — and it looks pretty too! For instance, this Miss Aries candle is a combination of sweet and spicy and is infused with touches of vanilla and cinnamon, which is perfect for the fire sign. So, find your sign and lighten up!

Outline your party menu on this red high heel chalkboard created by October Hill for Boston International. At just the right height — 11 ½ wide by 12 ¼ inches high — the board comes ready to use with a piece of chalk, plus, it stands on it’s own (no need to add anymore holes to your wall).

Everybody loves a good cupcake! Always an easy item to put together for any party, the cupcake is a good treat to have a little fun with. These baking cups, which are decorated with high heels and girlish colors, will definitely add cool points to your reputation. Orderable in packages of 32, the paper cups come in standard muffin size and will work with any greaseproof tin. All you need is matching frosting and you’re good to go!


All that’s left to decide is what shoes to wear!