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Inspirations - Wear to Work Outfits – how to dress for transitional weather

Spring is coming! The approaching change of seasons has us excited, but also makes us slightly apprehensive about what to wear to work! That transitional period between cold and warm, snow and sun, winter and spring, with a bit of rain thrown in, when we try to dress in our best combination of a wintery-spring style mix, has us trying on some regrettable (?) sweater-skirt-boot combos. And the lack of weather forecast certainty plays havoc with our closet and, honestly, leaves us exhausted.

So today we did what any working woman would do on her lunch break and turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

What we found is that, as these Pinterest fashionistas show us, the best way to dress for the transitional period is to stick to classic pieces and neutral colors. You probably have similar pieces in your closet already. We know we do. We just needed a bit of Pinterest inspiration to put them together. And now we’re back to our old calm, collected and fashionable self.

Images source: Pinterest