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Inspirations - Capsule Wear-to-work Wardrobe

“Less is more” seems to be the latest trend in dressing and the idea of a capsule wardrobe, and building a seemingly unlimited number of outfit options with just 33 or 37 pieces, has exploded on style blogs and on Pinterest. The trend was even featured in a recent Huffington Post piece about how a capsule wardrobe helped one working mother gain back control of her mornings. If you like this idea of doing more with less and want to try creating a capsule wardrobe, or at least a capsule collection of wear-to-work outfits, two great places to start are Un-Fancy and Into Mind. Although not strictly an office-dressing blog, Un-Fancy illustrates clearly the idea of creating infinite variety with just a few pieces, while Into Mind has beautifully curated posts and (only for the truly committed) style worksheets.

So we thought, why not bring the same idea of capsule dressing to shoes this season. Here are a couple of ideas for a Classic and a Modern shoe capsule wardrobe. Each capsule features 3 styles: a dressy one that will work for dinners, but will also look great at the office; a day style that you can wear to the office and also on the weekend, and a casual style for all your other activities – weekend fun and sun.

Classic Shoe Capsule Wardrobe: Palesa / Posh / Breeze





Modern Shoe Capsule Wardrobe: Rae / Pahana / Malana