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Uncategorized - Molly Sims shares her #perfectlysofft moments

Molly Sims #perfectlysofft moments.

Actress, supermodel, author and mom Molly Sims has developed an immensely loyal following with her lifestyle blog Her unique blend of wellness, parenting, cooking and fashion content reflects her sensational sense of style and grateful approach to life. She’s the perfect inspiration for busy women everywhere, who are juggling their families and career and want to look and feel confident every day.

This spring, we’re delighted that Molly will be sharing her #perfectlysofft moments from her daily life as a mom, wife and entrepreneur – all while looking and feeling her best.

We talked with Molly to learn about her styling tips and what makes a #perfectlysofft moment in her life.


Style featured: Mirabelle in Anthracite

SF: You’re a West Coast girl and we love your easygoing California style. What’s in your suitcase when you and your family head east to relax at your spot on the Hamptons?

MS: When I go to the Hamptons for the summer, it’s strictly about relaxation. We spend most of our days at the beach so my suitcase is full of swimsuits, cover-ups, and sun hats. Also, in the Hamptons, we walk a lot. It’s like a little community. So comfortable shoes are a must.

SF: How has your style evolved over the years? Are there things you loved in the past that you’re rediscovering, or starting to wear in a new way again?

MS: When it comes to style, I’ve always stayed true to what I feel the most comfortable in…even if it’s a trend. For example, I have pretty broad shoulders so the shoulder pad trend wasn’t going to happen. For me, it’s all about looking effortless and the best possible version of yourself. I’m a huge fan of the 70s look that’s coming back—the mules, the flared jeans. Also—I’m just thankful I’m out of maternity clothes!

SF: We know you’re committed to wellness and that eating healthy is a necessity in your household. Name your go-to weeknight meal that’s quick, full of nutrients and a crowd pleaser.

MS: I’m really big into a “one-pot meal” for my family. It’s easy and can be prepped ahead of time. I love making a baked chicken dish with rice!



SF: What’s your favorite activity to do as a family? Do you and your husband have any sweet or silly rituals or special traditions you’ve started with the kids?

MS: I know this sounds funny but we love cooking together. On the weekends, we make breakfast every morning. Our favorite is chocolate chip pancakes!

SF: Balancing it all, and with a smile on your face, must be challenging every day! What do you do on those days that things just don’t go as planned in order to bounce back and keep you, and your kiddos, in the right frame of mind?

MS: I won’t lie—things can get pretty chaotic over here sometimes. When I feel that stress, I just take a moment to put it all into perspective. I think we all need to do that from time to time. It’s also important to remember that the more panicked you seem, the kids will follow suit.

SF: Your style is chic, yet approachable. What secrets did you learn from your modeling days that you’ve adapted for your busy lifestyle?

MS: What secrets didn’t I learn? I think during my modeling days I was taught the importance of a good fit. Sometimes I’ll buy a cheaper shirt and have it tailored to my body. It truly makes a difference. Also—pick your core wardrobe and mix and match. When I know I’m going to have a busy week, I’ll style my outfits ahead of time. That way—my morning routine goes by a lot faster!

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Style featured: Somers in Blush

SF: With your super-busy life, we’re sure that free time is a rare gift! What’s your favorite thing to do when you get an unexpected few minutes (or hours) by yourself to relax so you can return refreshed and renewed to mom duty?

MS: I love a good spa day. Even if I can’t go to the spa, I’ll settle with a nice bubble bath. That’s my favorite way to relax and recharge!

SF: We love that in your Instagram bio, you label yourself as a “HIP Mom,” and we couldn’t agree more! Name your three daily essentials for tackling life as a mom, wife and entrepreneur in style.

MS: Thank you! It definitely takes some essentials. For me, a great multi-purpose bag is a lifesaver. Something that is chic and I can wear to a meeting yet still have enough room to carry all the kids’ things.

Another essential is a comfortable pair of shoes. Before I had kids, I always assumed I was still going to be able to wear my heels while running the kids around. Umm, not the case! The key is to pick a pair you know you look good in but aren’t killing your feet.

And, the most important essential of them all: your mommy village. It’s so important to have a great group of friends who can be there for you when you really need it—whether it’s advice or grabbing the kids when you just need a little “me” time. We all help each other out!


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