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News - #perfectlysofft: A Piece of Toast shares her Spring Essentials

A Piece of Toast Spring Essentials

Every single  women has essentials, things that are a necessity, things that will always leave the house with them. Molly, from A Piece of Toast shares her Spring essentials. She chose the perfect time because is Spring cleaning time, you can lay down all your stuff and see exactly what is going to help you survive this season.


For Molly, her essentials are those basic things that simplify her thought process and makes her feel put together and stylish. Starting her day with her alarm and taking her doggies out, she says that her mornings are pretty much the same. As part of her essentials, she added to her morning routine an oil cleaning method that one of her friends recommended and it actually helped her with her skin problem.

Molly always carries a tote bag with the following items: her wallet, a lip balm, hand lotion, sunnies, concealer and last but not least, her phone. Also, she never leaves the house without earrings!


When it comes to Molly’s wardrobe, she’s been relying on high waisted jeans and slip-on sneakers. High waisted jeans can easily take you from date to night, they look good with every top and with flats or heels. The SOMERS are very versatile, they look good with dresses and jeans and they add extra comfort to every look.  A_Piece_of_Toast_ZapposSofftShoes_170320-10



Image courtesy of A Piece of Toast